Thursday, May 7, 2015

Asphalt Traffic:
Effect on Property Values

(Presented at the Town of Westford's Zoning Board of Appeals.)[1]

Executive Summary
Westford residents will lose property value if the asphalt plant is allowed into Westford. Included here, is a tax assessor’s document, that clearly shows a 15% decrease in taxable value to a home near an asphalt plant in Portsmouth NH due to traffic.

·      Below is part of a document obtained from the assessor’s office of the city of Portsmouth, NH. (The full document is on the next page.) This assessor’s document shows the negative effect of traffic on property value. In this case, the assessed value decreased by
15% as a result of excessive traffic.

Traffic Increase
There is no argument that traffic will increase due to the proposed asphalt plant. Newport Materials has a current limit of 150 truck trips a day with their current product. If the asphalt plant is approved, Newport will have an additional 250 truck trips a day with a high percentage of those trucks carrying 20-24 tons of asphalt each. That would lead to 400 truck trips per day.

This Property is Near a Similar Asphalt Plant
This particular property location is very significant. This property is close to the plant that Newport Materials has claimed is a good example of the type of asphalt plant that it would build in Westford. This property is one half mile from the Pike Industries’ asphalt plant at 650 Peverly Hill Rd, Portsmouth, NH.

Many other properties near Pike Industries’ plant have losses due to excessive traffic. You can find more documented property value losses at the City of Portsmouth:
If Newport Materials is allowed to build an asphalt plant in Westford, Westford residents near the plant should expect at least a 15% decrease in the value of their homes.

[1] Presented at the Town of Westford's Zoning Board of Appeals on Wednesday, May 6th.

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